A New Look

11 years ago I was late to sign up for my junior year elective classes and I got stuck in an introductory computer programing class. Although, I was the only girl in a class of 20+ students, that was the least of my worries. I might as well could have been trying to learn Greek, it seemed absolutely impossible to understand programing codes. I still remember the shock I had when I managed to get an A on my final exam, which included an animated fire works display and an interactive map of NYC. I thought, thank God it’s over… I’ll never use this again :).

Well, these last few days trying to refresh my branding, all I kept thinking was… boy, am I glad I was stuck in that class. Sometimes you have to go through things you’d never thought you could survive (like a computer programing class :)). You think to yourself, why?? Many times it takes a while to understand why but, when you see that it all made sense, in the end it’s all worth it! Welcome to the made-over blog and check out the SmmS Photography website too. I’m excited to share them with you and hope you all enjoy the new look!


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