A Walk Down Memory Lane

I remember when I was a kid that waiting just two minutes for something used to feel like an eternity. Lately, I’ve been counting time by Fridays. I watch weeks pass by and before I can think of the weekend coming, it’s already passed. It’s funny how time feels so different depending on your age. I look at my kids often and remember playing the same games they’re playing or throwing the same temper tantrums and it feels like it was just a few days ago (it might have been ;)).

The thing I remember most about being a kid is pure joy. This wonderful ability of enjoying things to the max and not having a care in the world. Making mud pies, flying of swings, chasing geese (or running from them), trying to hide scrapes from my mom, it was all carefree living. For the first few years of my life I grew up in eastern Europe and I had the most amazing childhood. We lived in the city but, my grandparents lived in the country and had farms. All the kids on the block would gather to play tag or hide and seek, a friend was always just a few doors away. Running barefoot, looking for frogs, visiting the animals on the farm, weekends were a blast as well. I wanted to share some of these memories with you because lately I’m reliving a lot of my childhood memories through my kids and it’s so much fun! Here are some pictures of me from my first home.


To this day my sister and I fight over which one of us is in the picture on the right. I think she should give up though, since it’s obvious it’s me ;).


Three years old with my brothers and sister (don’t judge :)). I love my sister’s dress!



My first mug shot aka, passport pic!


Sisterly love!



I wonder what I was thinking here. Probably something like, “I wish I was as big as my sister”.


The picture on the right was taken on my first day of school in front of our NYC stoop. This is where my new life began!


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