Alina and Adrian

I couldn’t have had a more gorgeous couple if I hand picked them from a catalog. I can’t help but say… how cute are their kids going to be?!? Hot and humid is not the best scenario for a photo shoot but Adrian and Alina were so sweet, they didn’t complain once! I loved every minute of this shoot and I had the hardest time picking out my favorites because I loved them all. Thank you Adrian and Alina for being my perfect models!

Adi & Alina-12Adi & Alina-1Adi & Alina-16Adi & Alina-17Adi & Alina-20Adi & Alina-21Adi & Alina-26Adi & Alina-36Adi & Alina-39Adi & Alina-51Adi & Alina-52Adi & Alina-54Adi & Alina-58


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