Ashlei and Matt

Meet Ashlei and Matt! Besides being incredibly sweet, this couple is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll ;). Matt was born and raised in Georgia and is a laid back country boy who loves camping. Ashlei is creative and free spirited, loving all things modern. Opposites really do attract! Together they have the most beautiful baby girl. Kinsley made an appearance during the session and she was just too cute for me to resist posting a few pictures of her as well.

IMG_9788-horz IMG_9800-horz IMG_9805-horz IMG_9820-horz IMG_9833-horz IMG_9863-horz IMG_9883-horz IMG_9889-horz IMG_9899-horz IMG_9904-horz IMG_9910-horzIMG_9912-horz IMG_9928-horz IMG_9954-horz IMG_9963-horz IMG_9966-horz IMG_9973-horz IMG_9977-horz IMG_9987-horz IMG_9994-horz IMG_0024-horz IMG_0028-horz IMG_0040-horz  IMG_0056-horzIMG_0044-horz

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