Ashley and Photography

Since I was a little girl, I always loved photography. I still remember when I got my first camera (a shoot and wind) and I was sure it was the coolest thing ever! I don’t ever remember taking a good picture but, that didn’t stop me. I think this love started with my obsession of looking at family pictures. You see, my parents had me later on in life, and my two brothers and sister were all much older then me (I’m talking 10+ years). It was hard for me to imagine life before me or my dad without gray hair. Most of all, it was hard imagining them being my age at some point. Pictures were my only proof. I felt like I missed out on all the good stuff and it was my way of living those memories with my family. Looking at my parents’ wedding pictures, seeing how beautiful it was, all seemed like a fairy tale. I didn’t know back then that I would have the honor of capturing the beginning of many fairy tales but, one thing hasn’t changed I love taking pictures and I love my job!

This fun little shoot with Ashley was a gift to her younger sister, Emily. She shares my love of photography and Ashley agreed to be our beautiful model, so I could show her a few tricks.










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