Celebrating a Year!

It is hard to believe that just a year ago SmmS Photography was launched! It has been an incredible year, full of wonderful surprises and even a little bit of heart ache. They say good things don’t come easy, and although it took a lot of hard work, it was soooo worth it! I’ve met amazing people and was part of some of the most important times in their lives. For this, I am undeniably grateful. I have been blessed by all of the 20+ couples that I’ve worked with this first year and that let me into their lives with open arms. I’ve had amazing friends and family that encouraged me and held my hand along the way. I’ve learned so much and hopefully I can say that I’ve grown. Thank you to all of you that have not hesitated to post an encouraging word, email or give me a simple “like”, it means a lot to me and it keeps me going.

This may seem like such a glamorous and easy job but in truth, it’s not. It is the people that I get to work with that make this job great, and that’s why I want to celebrate them! Here are some of my favorite people and pictures from this very first year. I hope that I will be blessed to do this for many more years to come!

R_C_16_-horz    LAST-29LAST-32   Adi & Alina-5Adi & Alina-57Adi & Alina-43 C&J (47 of 195) C&J (24 of 195)C&J (61 of 195)C&J (1 of 1) A (19)A (45) A & R (55 of 224)-horzA & R (220 of 224)A & A (50)A & A (150)untitled-5903untitled-5959   b-9 b-27a-26a-118 IMG_1036-139IMG_2268-578IMG_2120-477 IMG_3133-horz IMG_3090-horzIMG_3299-horz Ema and Catalin (39)-horzEma and Catalin (260)-horz IMG_9912-horzIMG_0040-horzIMG_9977-horz AA (6 of 16)E&C (26 of 33)E&C (25 of 33)   IMG_0727-31-horzIMG_1327-506-horz IMG_1701-280-horzIMG_1722-301-horz Amanda & Jason (39 of 81)Amanda & Jason (49 of 81)JC (62 of 70) JC (39 of 70)

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