Elisa Photo Shoot


I spent this weekend with Elisa Restea. Elisa and I go way back, so far in fact, that growing up we used to write letters to each other as a fun way to keep in touch. This was a long time ago and a lot of things have changed since then. We were just kids then, now we are wives, mothers and business owners! Elisa launched her new events planning brand, Elisa Event Design this month and we will be working together on a few projects in the upcoming months. It’s very exciting.. so stay tuned 🙂 !   Elisa-18-horz Elisa-22Elisa-28-horz Elisa-105Elisa-73-horzElisa-111Elisa-120-horzElisa-156Elisa-128-horz Elisa-198-horzElisa-178Elisa-203Elisa-218-horzElisa-201Elisa-249-horzElisa-241Elisa-262

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