This year, the last few days of summer were extra sweet because we spent them with family, whom we haven’t seen in years. For this reason we decided to go and spend a few days at the beach! That was the plan… however, hurricane Isaac quickly changed all of our planning. We did get to spend 2 days at the beach and right now I’m missing those nice warm days! For this reason I decided to reminisce and share a few pictures of my sons enjoying the beach with all of you!

Here is Matthew. He was all about the water!Florida-6Florida-4-horz

Besides his love for water, Matty has a rock obsession. This has been going on since the first day he could reach out of his stroller and grab the NYC gravel.


My little guy, Nathan. He couldn’t have cared less about the water. He’s my little digger so, it was all about the sand!


This was my favorite part of the trip! Sitting on the balcony, hearing the ocean and feeling the wonderful breeze… Nathan enjoying the ocean view.


Shark!! 😉 There were some dolphins swimming and playing in front of our balcony.


We met another little friend on the beach and then headed for home. After some more digging and swimming of course!



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