Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has been an incredibly blessed year in our lives. As I look back, I could never have imagined last year that I would be sitting here in my home (in Georgia) writing a blog post :). Yes, I will probably eat turkey at some point in the day but, today is not turkey day at our house… It is a day to be thankful for the people and the many things that bless our life. Inspired by a friend I met at the P31 conference, I sat down the other day to write 100 things that I am thankful for and tried to put things in perspective. As I began writing I thought it was going to take an eternity to think of that many things. To my surprise I was done in a few minutes and passed my mark. Here are a few things on my list: #21. Colorful leaves, #64. My education, # 82. My dishwasher. Of course my wonderful family was at the top of the list, yet I realized I find pleasure in the little things that bless my life everyday! Happy Thanksgiving everybody, hope you all enjoy the little things that keep our world going and the One who gives them all to us abundantly! What are you thankful for?

#2.Nathan                                                                                                   #2. Matthew

#42. Hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day                                                                                              #78. Fresh running water

#44. A warm place to sleep

#24. The beautiful birds that sing to me every morning                                           #25. My home

#19. Rain                                                                                                                                               #31. Light & #75. Electricity

#6. The ability to see moments like this



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