Jennifer and Alex

What’s the point of being young and in love if you can’t have some fun 🙂 ? I’ve been looking for a couple to take part in this shoot for a while and it was definitely worth the wait. I couldn’t have had a better couple to photograph! Jennifer and Alex were ready to have a blast and didn’t hold back one bit! They recently celebrated their first year of marriage and I wish them many more happy years together. I had so much fun, this shoot is one of my absolute favorites.

IMG_2921-horz IMG_2939-horz  IMG_2959-horz IMG_2964-horz IMG_2983-horz IMG_2994-horz IMG_3001-horz IMG_3036-horz IMG_3080-horz IMG_3090-horz IMG_3112-horz IMG_3120-horz IMG_3133-horz IMG_3021 IMG_3149-horz IMG_3157-horz IMG_3177-horz IMG_3197-horz IMG_3212     IMG_3220  IMG_3227-horz IMG_3252-horz IMG_3259-horz IMG_3263-horz IMG_3275-horz IMG_3284-horz IMG_3287-horz IMG_3289-horz IMG_3299-horz IMG_3309-horz IMG_3316-horz IMG_3326-horz IMG_3334-2 IMG_3345-horz IMG_3371-horz

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