Julia and Ben

Fall is here! Gorgeous colors,  shorter days and cooler temperatures are taking over. Despite the crisp new season, I’ve been feeling all warm and fuzzy from these last few shoots. All of these lovely couples have blown me away, this includes the delightful Julia and Ben! Nothing makes me happier then showing up to a shoot, and seeing that the couple I’m about to photograph is totally head over heals in love! A few times during this shoot I found myself taking a deep breath and no, it wasn’t because of the fresh air :). I was noticing the way Ben was looking at Julia, with a grin from ear to ear and a sparkle in his eye, and it just made me sigh (in a good way). Now, this may surprise you but, they’ve actually been married for a few years, which makes me even happier! I met Julia at a photo shoot that we worked on together and I’d like to share that she is a fabulous calligrapher! I’m happy that I got a chance to meet Ben as well, and shoot this session for them. If you’d like to check out her work click here!

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