Merry Christmas!!

Although I am aware it’s only Christmas eve, I can not contain my excitement! Tomorrow just so happens to be my absolute favorite day of the year! It’s not just because I’ll get to spend the day with my wonderful family or because we’ll be opening presents. It will also not be about the Christmas tree or the warmth of our fireplace. It won’t even be about the lights which hang all around our home or the excitement of seeing santa. Why is it then my favorite day of the year??? It’s because on Christmas I celebrate the greatest gift I have and will ever receive. The most amazing gift the world has ever know, the light of men which became flesh. A Baby born in the most modest of ways to save the world through a cross. How amazing, more amazing then the brightest light display or the most beautiful tree! May you all receive this gift, wishing you a peaceful and very merry Christmas!            untitled-1972-horzuntitled-1863untitled-4398-horzuntitled-1696-horzuntitled-1607-horzuntitled-1872untitled-4389-horzuntitled-1456-horz 

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