Summer Fun

There are so many things to enjoy about summer that I could probably write an entire month about it. When I was younger summer meant one thing: vacation! Sleeping in, being outside from dawn to dusk, going to the beach, road trips, and lots of barbecuing, what’s not to love? To this day, I still get excited when I see kids out of school and remember how much I looked forward to June, and no more finals. The same things I enjoyed most about this season are still the ones I love today. Whether summer means having iced tea in hand at all times, going for a dip in the pool for hours on end or spending a few weeks crammed in a car with your entire family, there is something for everyone to enjoy! I started this series of posts back in November with my favorite season, fall and I am happy to end it with an equally fun one: Summer! Wishing you all a happy, fun filled one!

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