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The last few weeks, all over the country, we’ve been celebrating family. In May we celebrated mothers and in June we celebrate fathers. One of my greatest joys is hearing my kids call me mommy, they bless my life in ways I can not explain. It isn’t until I became a mom for the first time that I fully grasped the meaning of this very simple yet very complex word, “mom”. I realized how blessed I was to be raised by God fearing parents, who sacrificed in ways that I have yet to understand. For this, I am so thankful and in honor of these holidays I’ve been putting up some family sessions these last few weeks.

Today I’m concluding this series with a family that is very dear to me. Ramona is my cousin and together with her husband Neil has a beautiful daughter named Sophia. I couldn’t be happier for her and I truly believe that there aren’t many people sweeter then Ramona. Moms, I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day and dads I want to wish you a very happy Father’s day this Sunday! Weather you’re anticipating becoming a family of two or are a family of 19 kids and counting, may you be blessed!

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