The Solarium Wedding: Brianna and Preston

Brianna and Preston are one of the sweetest, kindest couples I’ve ever known. So, it wasn’t a surprise to see that their day revolved around their loved ones and their faith. Beautiful teal, pink, burgundy and gold accents colored that day. Brianna was absolutely stunning in her princess gown and Preston looked sharp in his gray suit. It was wonderful to see the beauty these two have both inside and out!

B&P-3B&PB&P-2 B&P-4 B&P-5 B&P-6 B&P-7 B&P-8 B&P-9 B&P-10 B&P-11 B&P-14   B&P-17B&P-15B&P-16B&P-34B&P-33B&P-30B&P-29B&P-31 B&P-18 B&P-21B&P-19 B&P-25B&P-20 B&P-26 B&P-27 B&P-23B&P-22B&P-24 B&P-36B&P-35B&P-39B&P-40 B&P-41 B&P-43 B&P-44 B&P-45 B&P-46 B&P-47B&P-42 B&P-48 B&P-49 B&P-50 B&P-51 B&P-52 B&P-53 B&P-54 B&P-55 B&P-56 B&P-57 B&P-58 B&P-59 B&P-61 B&P-62 B&P-63B&P-37 B&P-64B&P-38 B&P-65 B&P-66 B&P-67 B&P-68

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